Air Intake Case Study



To replace worn parts with a new and improved version. Our customer required a full scan & reverse model as they had no data whatsoever.


We scanned the part using our FARO Edge ScanArm HD. Thanks to our articulated arm’s setup, accuracy is within ±30μm, we were more than confident that the portable arm scanner was up to the job. It was then reverse engineered using SpaceClaim software. Next we 3D Printed on our Objet 1000 printer. Finally the parts were sub-contracted to have them nickel plated for added strength and durability.


The surfaces were all easily scanned with no issues, but some of the intricate detail was a little tricky. The reverse modelling was also testing as the original part had a slight twist and the bores needed to be accurately modelled, so we had to deviate slightly from the scan data to achieve accuracy.


We achieved the accuracy the intakes needed and provided our customer with a fast turnaround, complete solution. Our customers feedback was that we had superseded their expectations by achieving their brief and more.

Faro Arm Scan Trumpets - Air Intake Case Study
Faro Arm Scan Trumpets - Air Intake Case Study