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We are not just about 3D printing we also have in-house 3D CAD design, 3D laser scanning, reverse engineering capabilities to create bespoke customer applications using additive manufacturing. FDM has unique 3D printing multi post processes applying decades of engineering experience gained which puts us number 1 in the UK for customer solutions using the state of the art AM technology.


FDM Digital Solutions has full reverse engineering and design capabilities. With a FARO blue laser scan arm, we are able to capture complex data and convert it to a point cloud then an stl mesh. From this we can reverse engineer using a variety of software including SpaceClaim, PolyWorks, Catia, SolidWorks, Cimatron and Geomagic.


Along with full 3D building models, 3D printing is also ideal for creating scale models of particular interior design
The design process architects explore is often very stressful and the use of 3D digital rendered CAD and traditional Styrofoam scale models do not always provide the client with a clear view of the idea they have created.

Besides the time-savings of printing 3D models, it also allows the architect to explore complex shapes and forms. The use of different materials provides the opportunity to create visual representations of the exterior design for the client.

Along with full 3D building models, 3D printing is also ideal for creating scale models of particular interior design features such as staircases and bespoke items.


Our new polyjet technology and secondary processes adds new dimension
Art & Designers are finding inspirational and creative ways of using 3D printing in their work. Our new polyjet technology and secondary processes add additional dimensions to the traditional art and sculpting methods.
The ability to quickly create multiple identical pieces, or multiple pieces with small changes or in different materials and the options are limitless!


On the shop floor, time is money. FDM Digital reduces time creating manufacturing tools by up to 85%.

3D printing enables designers to visualise and test prototype designs, therefore end use engineering parts can be made and used. In comparison to traditional manufacturing methods, 3D printing reduces the cost of expensive tooling and machining time.

Maintenance teams are using our services to reduce downtime on plant machinery repairs.

On the shop floor, time is money. FDM can reduce the time it takes to create manufacturing tools by up to 85%. You can produce manufacturing tools such as jigs and fixtures, tooling masters and production tooling in hours—without expensive machining or tooling

Jigs and fixtures can be made quickly at a reduced cost than conventional methods, ensuring new product manufacture is simple, precise and to specification


Our partnership with leading satellite manufacturers in the UK has seen FDM Digital’s 3D ALM technology used to produce end-user parts in place of traditionally manufactured components.

By reducing consolidated part counts from over 100 to 20 within a complex assembly, significantly reduces production and installation time resulting in a 50% part-cost reduction.

Looking ahead we believe that the positive impact of 3D printing within manufacturing and the way in which an increasing number of companies are adopting this efficiency-driving, cost-reducing technology will be instrumental to supporting this.

The services we offer include:

  • 3D rapid prototyping service
  • FDM full range of materials
  • High performance materials such as PEEK and Carbon PA
  • In house or mobile 3D scanning service
  • Online Bureau service enabling clients to upload CAD designs for 3D object conversion
  • Soluble core structures for use in complex carbon fibre part manufacture.

As a digitally connected company, FDM provides convenient and confidential in-house services to support UK manufacturing