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Whether it is models of bones for prototyping medical procedures or replacing traditional casts with lightweight, washable and fully bespoke alternatives just as a few examples. Advanced scanning technology allowing MRI and mobile 3D scanner data to be converted to 3D print allowing surgeons to visualise the patient and operation before starting the procedure.

In addition we can create products in multi material rubber grades which can simulate different areas and textures of the body.

As experts in Additive Manufacturing FDM Digital Solutions are developing 3D Printed bespoke foot orthotics, In partnership with The University of Salford, East Lancashire NHS Trust and Salford Insole, FDM are using innovative Additive Manufacturing techniques to combine foot shape capture with other clinical data to design novel foot orthotics.

Digital technology prescription allows total design freedom, potentially delivering the orthotic device within 48 hrs. The innovative part of the project is that the orthotic will be 3D printed replacing traditional hand-made techniques.

The 3D printing manufacturing method allows shape of the insoles and properties of the materials to be altered to exactly match the needs of a patient’s foot. This disruptive technology offers end to end system integration creating a virtual manufacturing cycle.

The twin goals of improved ‘health economics’ and patient healthcare are both promoted by introducing this lean supply chain into the orthotics sector.

Service we offer:

  • Laser scanning of patients for 1 off bespoke bracings and fixtures
  • Reverse data manipulation to create 3D data
  • Medically approved materials and post process
  • Dental Jigs and fixtures

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