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FDM Digital Solutions proudly work directly with F1 teams and top Motorsport companies.

Motorsport is a fiercely competitive industry, requiring continuous R&D to ensure you stay ahead of the game. 3D printing provides the perfect partnership quickly taking concept models of any complexity from digital data to prototype or finished part bringing new developments to track faster and at a lower cost. Using soluble core technology, FDM Digital produce dissolvable cores for complex carbon parts without the need for expensive tooling. Jigs and fixtures can be produced quickly at a reduced cost.

We produce a variety of solutions

  • Prototype concept parts direct from 3D Data
  • FDM Soluble Core SR30 / SR100 mandrels for carbon wrapping Cooler mandrels & ducts etc
  • Parts smoothed & prepared prior to shipping
  • Finished look parts sprayed, coated, plated for final look approval
  • Larger 3D parts split and joined prior to shipping
  • Sparse internal structures for faster dissolving in washout process
  • Sub assembly work, Tooling jigs and fixtures
  • High resolution wind tunnel testing models with Build Envelope 914 x 610 x 914
  • Laser scan accuracy reports

Case Study’s and News

Soluble Core Parts

FDM Digital utilises the large format 3D printer to produce the largest parts in the UK and using the latest processes allows the designers total freedom on multi-material products of the future with a look and feel straight off the machine.