Bridging the Gap with 3D Printing


The biggest barrier to end use 3D printed production cosmetic parts has always been the final finishing of the rough parts to an aircraft approved finishing standard up until now. FDM Digital Solutions has developed an end to end supply chain solution that allows full traceability part acceptance onto aircraft.

With reduced lead time of weeks rather than months, additive manufacturing can produce finished parts 80% quicker than traditional manufacturing techniques, typically reducing costs by 70%.

The approved material is the Stratasys ULTEM 9085 (produced by Sabic) which has full aircraft production accreditation. Linking this with an approved paint system, applying relevant aircraft paint codes FDM Digital ensures the end use cosmetic part is ready for the aerospace market.

Working with a leading UK manufacturer of espresso machines for aircraft, the production of the facia and associated items replaces traditional aluminium parts.

70% per assembly cost saving.

80% lead-time saving.

Direct 3D CAD to print

FDM Digital has over 60 combined years’ experience in the 3D printing industry, plus we work with leading aerospace manufacturers and materials supply chains to deliver what industry needs. FDM uses the latest 3D printing technologies to produce better parts, more quickly and at lower cost.

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