Carbon Light Weight Tooling


Problem / Current Method

Existing Aluminum tooling is heavy and cumbersome, this causes BVID (Barely Visible Impact Damage) on the carbon wing covers and subsequently the cost of a concession to rectify. The Heavy tooling also has an impact on the H&S of the operators lifting into place.

Solution / New Method

Take the existing tool and modify it slightly for 3D printing. The New 3D printed tool was produced and assembled in 40 hours. We printed the tool in the new Nylon CF12 material which is a carbon fibre infused material which gives added stiffness and strength

FDM Digital Carbon 3 - Carbon Light Weight Tooling
FDM Digital Carbon 2 - Carbon Light Weight Tooling
FDM Digital Carbon 1 - Carbon Light Weight Tooling
FDM Digital Carbon 4 - Carbon Light Weight Tooling

Initial feed back from operations is very good and this solution will hopefully become part of the factory of the future meaning an estimated yearly saving of £20,000 per year in concession costs and an overall reduction in Health and safety cases due to manual handling of heavy ancient aluminium tools.

FDM Digital Carbon 6 - Carbon Light Weight Tooling